About HI.Q School

Started in the unique beautiful campus in Rishi valley in Dehradun, we are surrounded by forests and lush green gardens around us, completing the need of a better place to live for our students than the city rush and pollution. We believe that nature and extra Curricular activities make student more intellectual and world-ready than the theoretical knowledge.

What is HIQ

HI.Q stands for "Higher Intelligence Quotient" which comprise of 8 important Quotients essential for overall development of the personality of our next generation.

1.Emotional Quotient (E.Q) 
2.Logical Quotient (L.Q) 
3.Passion Quotient (P.Q) 
4.Courage Quotient (C.Q) 
5.Spiritual Quotient (S.Q) 
6.Communication Quotient (Com.Q) 
7.Appreciation Quotient (A.Q) 
8.Happiness Quotient (H.Q) 

At our school, apart from focusing on the quality education we also observe this quotient and report the collective score as a final HI.Q graph for our students.

Know more

1. Passionate teachers - We have those individuals in our teaching team, who wanted to be teachers by thier will and not just as a source of income. HIQ international's teachers are dedicated and passionate towards imparting the best to our students. They are trained to not teach the subjects but also focus on the extra curricular activities which is helpful in deciding the bright future of student ahead and be in best of the  professions.

2. Capable mentors - We have a team of mentors who help us to redefine the norms of traditional education and find ways to make education more practical and fun for our students. We believe that activities and labs could be more helpful in building the professionalism and confidence in student than just curriculum defined by the current Education system. We ensure consistently excellent teaching and best practice in an inspiring learning environment, within an inclusive curriculum

3. Natural surroundings- Away from hustle and bustle of city, we planned our campus amidst the greenery in the valleys of Dehradun. WE are focussed to give a safe and healthy environment to our students from the current polluted lifestyle of metro cities. We assure the safety and well being of each of our student.

4. Hostel with homely environment - Our hostels are designed and maintained with a mission of providing a homely environment. We know that a child misses his home the most when he/she is at boarding school and thus we consider it as our duty to make the surroundings comfortable for him/her. For the same, along with wardens  on each floor, we also have an elder mentor who will act as a grandparent to the child and will assure the values to be inculcated in the student that we expect from the members of our family. Going to boarding school is the perfect way to strike out on your own without having to worry about being left alone. Our advisors are always available with good advice, whether it’s which course to take next semester or what shoes to wear to the dance.

5. Focussed growth of every student- Our mentor team and teachers are trained to identify the talent and ambitions of each of their student and nurture them accordingly. We respect the ambitions of the child and help them to add the desired feather to their cap.

6. 24 hrs supervision - We consider the safety of each student as our utmost priority. We are always focussed to maintain the trust you have on us while sending your child to a boarding school. HIQ is dedicated to provide complete supervision to the child in terms of helping with their daily schedule and school.

7. Focus on ethical and moral education - Being away from home and elders won’t let your child miss the values and morals. We take the responsibility of training each of our students into a responsible and confident human by teaching the practicality and ethics of life along with the subjective knowledge.

8. No classrooms - We redefined the concept of regular classes and thought of imparting education without classrooms. Knowledge is everywhere, and child needs his own space and environment to learn. We have “knowledge centres”. Our Teachers don't go to the class, but students visits these knowledge centres to seek knowledge under the guidance of capable and passionate mentors.