Our Mission

Nurturing  growth. Nurturing future

Our mission to transform each student of HIQ into a confident and talented human being who will be capable to make a unique position in this competitive world. Imparting values and practical knowledge with the subjective knowledge is our main motive. We believe in educating our students with the practical knowledge which would be helpful for him/her in the future and will differentiate their identity from rest of the world.

Our focus lies in complete and prosperous growth of our students. One cannot imbibe or experience knowledge by sitting within four walls. That is why it is essential to take children out of the classrooms into an open environment which is conducive of providing first-hand experience, and help them to understand the application of knowledge taught in the books.

We assure to take care of the well being of our students and transforming them into an individual full of confidence and talent. Children have a special and individual style of learning which they use naturally and well, until it perishes in a school's restricted environment.

And thus we created a free environment for our students so that they can grow naturally under our supervision and guidance. Finding your voice and confidence, collaborating on projects and excelling in all areas of school will prepare you for a purposeful life to compete with anyone anywhere.