Career with HI.Q School

Greetings from World Buddha Foundation!

We are glad to inform you all that we are hiring enthusiastic and passionate teachers for HI.Q International Academy, at Dehradun, which we are committed to develop into be one of the best Residential Schools of India.

We are seeking for aspiring teachers and want to reach out to capable and enthusiastic individuals like you, who have the passion for teaching and can join hands with us to convert this dream into reality.

We want to invite all those individuals for the role of our teachers who could have been a Scientist, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Business person, Banker, Pilot, Writer, Innovator or anything else but they chose to be a Teacher due to their real calling. We want our teachers to choose this profession by choice and not as a last resort.

So, if you really feel that you have that passion, then send us the CV with the covering letter, on which we don't want you to mention how many years of experience you have, rather please mention what else you could have become, but you left those options to be a teacher, or want to leave that option and prefer to be a Teacher.

We promise to match the salary of any of the above professions you could have qualified for, so that you never feel that choosing teaching as a profession is any way less rewarding than any of the above profession. In fact teaching is the mother of all professions, and in our institution we believe Teachers should be paid higher than any other profession under the sun.

We are looking forward to witness your passion and would like to join hands with you as a team to build one of the best institutions in this country.

Kindly apply online with complete details

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Vishal JC,
HIQ International Academy
A World Buddha Foundation Initiative.