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The purpose of School is often debated, but it is difficult to argue that the key purpose of School is to help every child flourish in life, no matter what path they choose. As we all know that the world around us is changing so rapidly, so the Schools have to adapt to keep up. We at HI.Q International Academy strongly believe that the best way desirable change happens, is only through pedagogically sound ambitious innovations. We adopt the pedagogy which works towards expanding the horizon of individual human being and lets them correlate knowledge with its true application.

I am committed to build this School a master piece by incorporating all the lessons that I have acquired in my life so far from my teachers, friends & mentors and leveraging the learning with experiences that I have accumulated from my education at IIT + CFA. Adding the professional standards which I acquired working internationally at Deutsche Bank, with the best practices which I have recorded while working with more than 200 Schools across the country as a CEO of Grey Sim Ltd.

In our School, we are focusing beyond employment seeking education. we are more interested in delivering employment generating education. To differentiate ourselves from the rudimentary educational institutions which are trying to manufacture cogs for the larger machine, where children are the raw material who need to be chiseled to transform into some round peg which can find the suitable slot where it fits and try to work as a part of the system. We are working towards developing the individual so that they don't just become a cog in a big machine, but also can build their own machine and utilize their unique capability and passion to succeed in the world.

We are a transformational School and believe in one major fact that teachers are the key ingredients in shaping the bright future of students in any school. Thus we are employing the best of the lot, who has opted to be a teacher by choice and not as a profession of the last resort. Our teachers are qualified and capable to be best in any field they might have chosen to be, maybe engineering, medical science, chartered accountant, business enterprise, aviation, whatever, but they find their true calling in teaching and join hands with HI.Q International Academy to nurture our students and provide the best quality education which any parent can wish for their children.

In this age of single kid nuclear families where the working parents could not deliver the timeshare for the real development of their wards. We have developed this Residential School which we believe is more needed than ever because students are required to concentrate on developing themselves way beyond the set curriculum. At our school, as we have children for an extended period of time than regular day boarding schools, which helps us to incorporate a broader curriculum which focuses on physical development, spiritual development as well as the emotional development of the students.

Last but not the least, I personally believe that education is more or less a process to help the individual realize that, our brain is not a pen drive just to store and transfer data, it is a powerful processor which can analyze and execute and we help our student to realize and practice the same.


Vishal Jc
HI Q International Academy, Dehradun