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About school

We are a unique school with no Classrooms, but only "Knowledge Centers". Our Teachers don't go to the class, but Students visits the Knowledge centers to seek knowledge under the guidance of capable and passionate mentors. The school is an initiative by World Buddha Foundation to provide quality education according to the principles and practices of INCEF. Realizing the need of paradigm shift in education to keep up with the rapidly changing world through pedagogically sound ambitious innovations, our school has developed a unique campus beautiful natural patch of Rishi Valley in Dehradun.

What Is HI.Q

HI.Q stands for 'Higher Intelligence Quotient"which comprise of 8 important Quotients essential for overall development of the personality of our next generation.

1.Emotional Quotient (E.Q)
2.Logical Quotient (L.Q)
3.Passion Quotient (P.Q)
4.Courage Quotient (C.Q)
5.Spiritual Quotient (S.Q)
6.Communication Quotient (Com.Q)
7.Appreciation Quotient (A.Q)
8.Happiness Quotient (H.Q)

At our school, apart form focusing on the quality education we also observe these quotient and report the collective score as a final HI.Q graph for our students.

HI.Q Gallery

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