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What Is HI.Q

HI.Q stands for 'Higher Intelligence Quotient"which comprise of 8 important Quotients essential for overall development of the personality of our next generation.

1.Emotional Quotient (E.Q)
2.Logical Quotient (L.Q)
3.Passion Quotient (P.Q)
4.Courage Quotient (C.Q)
5.Spiritual Quotient (S.Q)
6.Communication Quotient (Com.Q)
7.Appreciation Quotient (A.Q)
8.Happiness Quotient (H.Q)

At our school, apart form focusing on the quality education we also observe these quotient and report the collective score as a final HI.Q graph for our students.

About school

We are a unique school with no Classrooms, but only "Knowledge Centers". Our Teachers don't go to the class, but Students visits the Knowledge centers to seek knowledge under the guidance of capable and passionate mentors. The school is an initiative by World Buddha Foundation to provide quality education according to the principles and practices of INCEF. Realizing the need of paradigm shift in education to keep up with the rapidly changing world through pedagogically sound ambitious innovations, our school has developed a unique campus beautiful natural patch of Rishi Valley in Dehradun.

Facility @ School

Organic Farming

We provide our students a practical and comprehensive education in small-scale organic farming. Guided by our experienced farmer-instructors, students learn and experience farming through hands-on management of the student farm and regular farm observation walks, classroom studies and field trips to regional farms.

3D painting

We focus on offering new technologies such as 3d Printing and Modelling in our school, because they build engagement and create excitement among Students. 3d printers naturally fit into curricula in areas where students are required to do some hard thinking, to solve problems and to design. 3d printing in education is a powerful tool in aiding our students to conceptualize and visualize designs through the stages of development, from sketch to final product.

Prarl Cultivation

Students are taught about the traditional farming system and Pearl cultivation is one among them.During the process of Pearl culture Student acquire many qualities such as patience, concentration and coordination

Vertical Farming

We educate new generations about the benefits of vertical farming and also teach them about the sustainability and energy efficiency of vertical farming.By inspiring students today, we hope to shape the future of farming and reduce human impacts on the environment.

Art & Craft

Art & craft just fit in together. They are a different process, of course, but hold the same meaning: creation. Art involves an unstructured activity where children can explore and create anything with their imaginations; however, craft involves a structured activity where children create something keeping their goal in mind. It holds and supports the personal, social, moral, spiritual, and creative development of a child.

Musical Knowledge Centre

Our Musical Knowledge centres are not only for future Beethovens, but for each and every student.Because, music can help a student develop the areas of their brain which focus on language and reasoning. Not only will it help students as they go through school, but also once they have graduated. Better language and reasoning skills will also lead to better jobs in their chosen industry./p>


“Books are the gift of life and a man's best friend”. They offer a rich stock house of knowledge that remains forever with an individual throughout his life. Keeping the importance of books in view, a spacious well - stocked library serves as a special feature of the school.Books related to different subject and fields are available for the students besides Newspapers, Magazines and Journals.

Computer Lab

Today’s generation is techno upgraded. They cannot imagine life without computers, mobiles, tablets & laptops. For any information from any corner on any subject they are just a click away. Hence, no school can impart education without an upgraded computer labs and teachers who have really mastered the subject.

Meet Our Mentors

Our Vision & Mission

I believe children should be let free to learn, and if the world could be made more alive for them, they could make a better path for themselves than we could ever do for them. Children have a special and individual style of learning which they use naturally and well, until it perishes in a school's restricted environment. Children should be trusted to develop potential qualities that lie within them. By branching knowledge into the subjects and by restricting education into airtight compartment the creativity and innovative thinking of a child are inhibited. A child doesn't recognize geographical boundaries or cultural barriers, until he's trained to. They are pure and innocent souls who have the capacity to change the World. Thus every child is a hope, for a better tomorrow... Read more

HI.Q Gallery

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Take a virtual step inside H.I.Q international Academy gates and explore the buildings that make up our stunning 19-acres estate. Take a peek inside our iconic buildings, view our first-class learning facilities and discover the school’s rich history.

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